On occasion, our curatorial team retrieve stolen livestock from smugglers — usually in the form of hatchlings. As Earth has become a popular transit hub for such contraband, and with recent cutbacks in the Administrarium for the Cessation of Trans-Galactic Creature Transportation and Sale, the local office is being used as a test-station for an economic study: The ACTGCTS has reached a compromise with smuggling factions, regulating the transport and sale of a range of creatures, pre-approved by the Administrarium heads and in accordance with local laws. A profit split in return for creature registration, with the added bonus of a full pardon for any smuggler in compliance with the scheme, means there is now a small stock of creatures available for registered sale to the people of Earth.

For a full listing, visit the Shadow Wake Emporium. A gallery of creatures is available below.

~ Gallery is currently being updated ~