Creature Aquisition | Festus

Negotiated acquisition of this creature from Baha of Solos Prime on account of the fact that he “just can’t handle the little bastard”. From the container Festus inhabits, his links with the Valtari are clear – the Administrarium suspect he was a gift to the Valtari that was later stolen. The theft of a Luck Dragon, particularly those that are gifted, is fraught with danger that most believe to be a myth – however as clearly demonstrated by Baha and his crew, the effect is to reverse the attributes of said dragon, causing all luck to be absorbed by the creature, to the dire misfortune of those that have unwisely stolen it.

In Baha’s case, his ship was set upon by Reeks no less than four times across the galaxies, his cargos rotted or destroyed by unexplained phenomena and, rather embarrassingly, the contraction of a virulent strain of venierial disease that spread throughout the crew – and his wife’s harem – at an alarming rate. The dramatic hair loss that ensued caused Baha to relinquish Festus at the most opportune moment.

After careful negotiation with Festus, the Administrarium and himself have agreed that he should be placed with a suitably creative human where he can enjoy numerous events and activities whilst shedding some of the excess luck he has absorbed. He will move on with the next Valtari cycle that pass through the system.

Festus was not forthcoming about his place of origin but said that he had visited Earth before, some 1200 Earth Years ago, and sailed with the Northmen to find new lands.

Enjoys coconut and clover, Jasmin tea and (on special occasions) raw honey.

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