Pic/Bamburgh – The Laidly Wyrm Water Hole

The Laidly Wyrm of Spindlestone Heugh is an Earth legend set in Bamburgh, Northumberland, England. The Ambassador was sent on a recce to identify if there were any lingering draconic magicks in the area to be concerned by. Whilst there, along the shore, the Ambassador encountered a freshwater pool – mere feet from the seashore. All attempts to approach the pool resulted in being turned around, forgetting one’s purpose or being distracted by local wildlife.


The conclusion of the Administrarium is that a draconic charm exists in the area to “will” passers by away. It may be that many do not even take note of the pool and simply pass by without a thought. This may be for many reasons – it could be that there is still a Wyrm in the area, though legend states that the Childe Wynd “thrice kissed” the Laidly Wyrm and released a curse upon his sister, transforming it into Princess Margaret. It seems more likely to be a memorial for the Wyrm and a commemoration for the mercy of Childe Wynd, who chose not to slay it, understanding that deeper magicks ran through the area. There is also the possibility of faeries and that it serves as a portal for the Night Gardener.

The Administrarium will send further agents to the site to identify if it is a portal, in which case extra protections may need to be sought for the local area.

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