Map/The Invereen Stone

The Invereen Stone is a Pictish artifact that was unearthed by Mr Dunbar whilst ploughing a field. After centuries of being lost, its rediscovery in ED1932 make it one of ten discovered in the Inverness area – and many others throughout Scotland.


The Invereen stone, along with its brethren, has baffled researchers for many years, due to the apparently unintelligable inscriptions. The Administrarium can confirm that many of the symbols represent unique parts of the galaxies and that the stones are, in fact, fragments of star charts, closely associated with the Valtari.

How they have come to be on Earth is yet to be determined, though it is likely that a human or human-like Valtari may have been present and potentially stranded, utilising the opportunity to secure galactic knowledge in a form that would survive beyond their lifespan.

The Invereen Stone is currently housed in The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, and may be viewed freely.

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