An Introduction

Welcome, adventurer, to the Shadow Wake blog.

“What is the Shadow Wake?” you may very well ask. It is, simply, balance in all things.

More specifically and perhaps culturally speaking, it is that which comes after the Shadow — those occurrences that threaten to destabilise the known Universe. The Wake is led by the Valtari, a small number of unique individuals from across the galaxies, who possess particular insight. Perhaps you may be one of them?

A small chapter of curators have settled on your planet, Earth. Fairly peaceful as far as planets of your level of culture are concerned, but nonetheless feeling some pressure from the Shadow. Here, as a people who have made some, somewhat unstable contact with beings from other worlds, the curatorial team feel able to settle for a while. We are aliens on your world — but mercifully protected by the barrage of “fake news” and as such able to fly under the radar of your mainstream media. Here, those that know, know. And those who do not believe are content in their assertions and may read this blog simply as entertainment.

Either way we are content.

Our purpose is to archive and, in some instances, share our knowledge with those of our profession who pass through this solar system on a regular basis. We are also willing to share some of our knowledge with the people of Earth, in some instances in exchange for currency when we require it for our continued sustenance. We are developing relationships with your Government in order to facilitate these activities. In the meantime we will be working on archiving this planet and noting the various places, times, events and individuals who are relevant to our field of study — we feel this information should be freely available to the people of Earth and will share it where possible.

We hope our work is informative, if not entertaining.

The Curators


[image credit: NASA]

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